About John Clifford

I'm a digital communications specialist with fifteen years' experience of writing, editing, correcting, and advising on web content, gained at Investis, a digital communications company. My work over the years has encompassed quality management, proofreading and subediting, functionality testing, setting and maintaining website build standards, accessibility testing, copywriting, consulting, and content strategy.

John Clifford

A natural-born stickler when it comes to grammar and spelling, I've previously had a number of editing- and writing-related roles. I'm a qualified French-English translator and translating was my main job for seven years. I've also worked with a number of clients for whom I've edited, written or rewritten all sorts of documents to make them clear and easy to read. Before that I worked for nine years with Ercol Furniture, in UK and export sales.

I'm now an independent consultant, working on projects for a portfolio of private clients. I work with a select network of experts who have skills that complement mine so that together we can offer you pretty much a one-stop website shop if so desired.

Examples of my work

Jo Minns Consulting

Jo Minns Consulting

Here's an example of a small website for a small business: Jo Minns operates a consultancy business aimed at three client types: clients for executive coaching, HR consulting, and interim HR management. We worked together on the content and came up with a brief message for each of the three client types, emphasising Jo's relevant experience to each of them.

Marlow Language Centre

Marlow Language Centre

Marlow Language Centre offers tuition in English for foreign students, and a wide range of foreign languages for English students – for adults and children, for private students and for business and corporate clients. One of the challenges was: how to create a user journey that took each person to the information she or he wanted without getting caught up in irrelevant details. For example, a foreign businessman looking to come to England for a four-week immersion course; parents wanting private tutors to help their children pass school exams; second-home-owners wanting to learn the local language. How do you cater for all these different types of prospective clients and speedily guide them to the specific information they need?

The old website's navigation was a bit confusing. I worked with Marlow Language Centre to review the site's information architecture and prioritise user types, and then rebuilt the site with simplified navigation and new labels and page names, rewriting some of the key content. We created a contact form to help generate qualified leads. When the site was rebuilt we took care to use page redirects so as not to lose the search equity this website had built up over time.

Oxford Christadelphian Church

Oxford Christadelphian Church

The Oxford Christadelphian Church's website is intended mainly to inform and welcome local people who might want to attend services, and also to offer further reading on religious matters – with links to helpful sources – for those who are seeking this kind of information.

Other work

Much of my recent work up to late 2017 has been for clients of Investis. As they're not my own direct clients I'm not really in a position to post examples to a public website. I can, however, certainly share appropriate examples privately.


Where I can I will define a piece of work and quote you a firm price for an agreed deliverable. Where this isn't possible, I charge on a time basis. In this case I'll give you the most accurate estimate I can, and I'll always check with you before any charges are incurred.