Content audit

Commission an expert-led audit of your website to show you where it's performing well, identify areas for improvement, and put you back in control.

Over time the content of a website tends to become outdated and stale, even inaccurate. That's where a content audit comes in useful: it can show you what's working well and what's not working so well. It can give you a prioritised fix list so that you can be sure of getting value out of your website.

Assessing your needs

We'll ask you some questions to understand what you want out of your website: what sort of site visitors it's aimed at and what you want these people to do or think as a result of visiting your site.

Next we'll do a brief review of your website and any other content assets, to assess how much content you've got and what it looks like. We'll be happy to suggest a scope of work and quote you for it. You can then decide whether you want to go ahead.

How long does it take?

How long a content audit takes depends on the volume and state of the content that's to be audited. A microsite might take as little half a day; a big corporate or business-to-business website can take several weeks to audit thoroughly. If you've got a massive website with lot of content you might want to focus on one section or on a sample set of pages to get the best value.

The output of a content audit

You'll receive a concise report that identifies any urgent fixes, any quick wins, and any strategic actions that will bring long-term benefit. The report will be accompanied by detailed appendices to justify and quantify the recommendations it makes.

We don't just read the words on your website. We apply an intelligent combination of human and automated testing. This means that we can also report on technical points such as broken links, unclear navigation, accessibility problems, legal compliance issues, and anything else that might need attention.

The details of a content audit

The audit will analyse each page of your website, element by element, line by line, and will answer questions such as these:

Take back control of your website – commission a content audit.