Editing and quality testing

Fifty-nine per cent of UK adults would not use a company with poor grammar on its website1.

Studies have shown that people are put off from making buying decisions by poor grammar or spelling. A few mistakes or even little inconsistencies may be all it takes before your customers come away with the impression of an organisation that can't be trusted.

Don't let it happen to you.

Not only do I have an eagle eye for editorial detail; I also understand what goes on – or should go on – under the bonnet of a website. So I can offer you an all-in-one editorial review and quality test.


I can do some of all of the following, depending on what you want.

If you've got a large amount of content and limited time or budget, we can always scale the review and just work on a chosen priority section initially, then get on to other parts later if you decide to do so.

Four reasons to hire a web editor

Build confidence in your brand

A competent web editor can help you maintain the reputation of your brand by eliminating the kind of errors that cause confusion and damage trust. People notice little inconsistencies, at least subliminally, and if there are too many little things not quite right, they'll form a vaguely negative impression of the overall quality of your offering.

It may not take much to tip the balance between trust and distrust. It may be something silly like you've written "e-mail" with a hyphen at the top of a page and "email" without a hyphen at the bottom of the same page. Or perhaps an apostrophe has gone missing or perversely placed itself on the wrong side of an s while you weren't looking.

Protect your business from your competitors

It's human nature: when you need to buy something you look for reasons to defer the decision, reasons not to buy from a particular supplier, reasons to doubt. In the same way when people come to your website they're subconsciously looking for reasons not to buy from you, reasons not to trust you. A few mistakes or even little inconsistencies in grammar or spelling, and perhaps without really being aware of it people – your customers – come away with the impression of an organisation that doesn't care enough and can't be trusted.

Make sure your customers understand your offering

When you describe your products and services it's easy to get too close to your own business, write things in your own words and your own industry vocabulary, and assume that people know what you mean. A critical editor will tell you if he doesn't understand what you mean, and will help you find a way of presenting your offering so that it's easy for an outsider to understand. It's like having a friendly user acceptance tester working for you. An editorial review of your website could save you a lot of lost opportunities.

Safeguard yourself from compliance and accessibility problems

Many websites don't cater for all their potential users: people with disabilities, keyboard-only users, blind or visually impaired people who use voice output devices, people with cognitive difficulties, people with non-standard browsers. If you inadvertently deny these people access to your web content you could be losing business, you might well be causing upset or annoyance, and you're almost certainly breaking the law. We can check and tell you if there's anything you need to do differently.

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