Contract website management

Cost-effective assistance

I help SMEs (small-to-medium-size enterprises) that need the input of a digital communications manager or website manager but can’t justify a full-time person in the role.

Are you busy running a business and do you lack the time to give your website the care and attention it needs so that you can use it to serve your customers, to generate revenue, to reduce costs, or to promote your organisation?

Get the help you need

You can contract an experienced digital communications manager on an interim or part-time basis. It might anything from the odd half-day to, perhaps, three days a month – whatever you need. And it means you don’t have the long-term commitment that can come with taking on a member of staff.

Benefit from outside insight and a clearer focus than you can achieve by using only in-house staff who have other priorities.

It’s a versatile offering. I can give you strategic input if that’s what’s needed: I can help you to define goals for your digital content and work out how to achieve and measure them. I can also take a sleeves-rolled-up approach and get involved in the day-to-day work of maintaining a website. I can help in creating and updating content. And I’m comfortable working with your colleagues or liaising with your external web developers – as needed.

Please contact me so that we can explore a cost-effective solution for you.