Quality management was my main job for some years. That was about encouraging people to get things “right first time”. Now I focus on “write second time”, if you’ll excuse the attempt at a play on words.

I help business people identify areas for improvement in their web and digital content and, well, write it a second time. My aim is to make sure your content is correct and easy to understand, and that it gives a deservedly good impression to your stakeholders and customers.

All that’s needed may be a quick once-over by a second pair of eyes to pick up any typos, dodgy grammar, or ambiguities. The kind of things we can all miss when we self-proofread what we’ve written.

Sometimes there’s a case for more of a substantive edit and rewrite. For example if you’ve got print-optimised content that doesn’t work on the web and needs to be repurposed. Or if you’ve got copy written by multiple authors in various styles and different formats. Then you’ll benefit from a thorough check for sense and consistency so that your content comes across to the reader as credible and authoritative.

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