Your website is like a tomato plant

Your website is like a tomato plant.

Have you tried growing tomatoes? It’s not difficult, if you take a little bit of trouble.

But I’m afraid my own tomato harvest generally amounts to a small number of green fruits about the size and texture of marbles.

Why? Perhaps because I forget to pinch out the sideshoots. These are little extra shoots that insist on growing up between the stem and the fruit-bearing trusses. You have to remove them regularly, or they’ll divert nutrients away from where they’re needed. Apart from that, if you forget to water the plants or fail to apply the right fertiliser in the right way at the right time, you’re unlikely to get much fruit.

So it is if you manage a website. It needs care and feeding and weeding if it’s to bear fruit, and you need to keep pinching out the unwanted bits that divert people’s attention away from where it’s needed.