Content support for digital agencies

Experienced freelancer available to work with your project team to get clients’ content ready for CMS input – proofreading, editing, correcting, revising, formatting, adapting, sense-checking

Content challenges?

If your agency builds websites or apps using content supplied by clients, you may be familiar with some of the pitfalls:

  • New content not sense-checked, proofed or copy-edited
  • Content from multiple authors lacking consistency
  • Content written without reference to an editorial style guide
  • Word documents not clearly mapped page by page to new site architecture
  • Content copied directly from PDF or other offline media
  • Content that needs to be rewritten for the web
  • Content that needs to be adapted to fit a specific design or template
  • Content from an old site that is clearly out of date
  • Content from an old site that needs to be reworked before it can be migrated
  • Lack of thought given to to internal links and link text
  • Non-obvious content overlooked, e.g. button labels, form fields, error messages
  • Metadata not provided
  • Images lacking captions and alt text
  • Late amends via email or scribbled on the back of an envelope

Working as a temporary extension to your project team, I can help you solve these problems and avoid the delays that result from them. And deliver a better quality finished product. I have sixteen years’ experience of this kind of work.


John Clifford – brief bio

When to consider content support

At what point should you involve me in a project? Well, the earlier the better, really. If content support can be figured in to your (client’s) budget at the outset, so much the better. And we can plan for efficient use of time.

However, I realise that in the real world content problems aren’t always apparent until somewhere near the eleventh hour, and I’m happy to come on board when the need arises. Maybe there’s a strict time limit and we’re in the situation of prioritising content work to get as much added value as possible in the time available.

Depending on the stage of the project and your needs, I can work with source content in Word format or maybe directly in your CMS if that’s the most efficient way.

I can also work client-side if desired.

Estimate / contact

Please get in touch to get an estimate for any immediate needs or to talk about your possible future requirements.

John Clifford
+44 (0)1494 483105