English Digital Content Consultancy

A complete service to help you use English effectively in your international website – proofreading, sense-checking, editing, rewriting, copywriting, content structure, and general advice

International English editing

EDC (the English Digital Content Consultancy) is a proofreading, editing and advisory service for organisations that use the English language in their websites – particularly where English is a second language for the writers or readers or both.

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Working directly with website owners or with digital agencies, John Clifford offers a comprehensive editing, correcting, and writing-for-the web service. The service is especially geared to supporting organisations that use English for international communication, where content may be written by or read by people using English as a second language.

My aim is simple: to give you the certainty that your English content reads naturally, is easily understood by your target readers, and is consistent and free from errors.

Who could benefit from the service?

  • Do you have content written by a number of authors with differing styles?
  • Are you unsure whether your English content is written in a consistent version (e.g. could it be a mixture of US and UK)?
  • Was any of your content written by subject-matter experts for whom English is not their first language?
  • Is your content aimed at readers for whom English is not their first language?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could benefit from using the EDC service.


Four components of successful web content

You can maximise the effectiveness of your digital content by taking care of four components: reader focus, online presentation, writing style, and the mechanics of spelling and grammar.

Do you need support or advice in one or more of these areas?


Why choose EDC?

It’s likely that some parts of your digital content will be perfect as they are, while other parts would benefit from additional work. Sometimes it’s hard to know which parts to change and which parts don’t justify any extra effort and expense. That’s where I can help you.

All-in-one service

My experience includes writing for the web, content strategy, editing, quality testing, and translating into English. I’ll make a realistic assessment of how much or how little rewriting is needed. I will also take care of optimising the content for on-screen layouts, and I will look after the essentials of on-page SEO (search engine optimisation). This integrated approach will be quicker and more cost-effective for you than dealing with lots of different people.

About John Clifford

I gained fifteen years’ agency experience at Investis Digital (2002-2017). My work encompassed quality management, user acceptance testing, accessibility testing, proofreading, copywriting, and content strategy. I led writing-for-the-web group training sessions for clients in three countries (UK, France, Italy).

A natural-born stickler when it comes to grammar and spelling, I previously had a number of editing- and writing-related roles. I’m a qualified French-English translator and translating was my main job for seven years.

Explaining your business to your readers

I’ve recently written or helped to rewrite content about forestry, pharmaceuticals, banking, oil and gas, plastics manufacture, language learning, and recruitment, to name a few.

And I’ve revised English content written by subject-matter experts with mother-tongue German, French, Swedish, and Norwegian, as well as English.

Clients often find it helpful to work with a writer who begins by having no specialist knowledge of their industry because it results in clearer explanations.

When I have to ask questions and piece together an understanding of a subject that was new to me, I can then write it up it in a form that other non-industry-specialist readers can easily understand.

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