Editing, reworking, copywriting

An experienced writer and editor is available to help you get your web content from where it is now to where it needs to be. In a timely manner.

Perhaps you’ve got an up-to-date website that’s working really well and you just need an additional pair of eyes to pick out the odd few typos and inconsistencies – the things that almost inevitably creep in as your content gets updated. Or maybe you’re at the early stages of a website project, stuck for ideas and unsure where or how to begin. Or somewhere in between. Or are you struggling to get new content over the line?

However far advanced or otherwise your content is, we can help you. Choose from three levels of service depending on what you need:

1 – Editing

If you have an existing website or up-to-date content that’s nearly ready for publication, we can check for sense, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and consistency – and eliminate any embarrassing errors.

Editing and proofreading

2 – Rewriting

If you’ve got offline content – such as brochures, presentations, Word documents – that needs to be adapted to make it suitable for use in your website, we can rework it into a web-optimised form.

Rewriting service

3 – Creative writing

If you don’t yet have any content or are unsure where to begin, we can help you define your needs and then plan, research as needed, and work with you to create the content you need.

Creative writing and content strategy

Your needs don’t have to fit neatly into one of these boxes, of course. You can mix and match. These three levels of service are provided as a guide to help you work out what you might need.