Having trouble kicking off the content for your website? Has your content production stalled?

If you don’t yet have any content or are unsure where to begin, we can help you define your needs and then plan, research as needed, and work with you to create the content you need.

Content brief

Start with a content brief (if you don’t already have one). A content brief defines who it’s for and what it’s for. What audience are you targeting, and what do you want those people to do or think as a result of visiting your website and reading your content? Everything else follows from this, so it’s worth taking time to come up with the brief.

Stakeholder interviews

It can be helpful to have an outsider come and ask you naïve questions about what your organisation does, what problems do you solve for people, etc. We use a questionnaire to guide the process. It might just entail a brief telephone call or sometimes it’s best to organise a longish face-to-face meeting or workshop, so that we can understand what you’re trying to achieve.

Content production plan

It may turn out that you already have most of the material you need in the form of documents, presentations and brochures and it’s a straightforward rewriting exercise, making your existing content web friendly. Or there may be more original work to be done, and maybe some research.

Every project is different.

We generally suggest doing an initial sample of work for you to review. Only once you’re satisfied with the initial sample will we start on the rest of the task. This method protects both parties against the risk of incurring a time cost for work that isn’t in line with expectations.

Free initial consultation

We offer you a free initial consultation. To start this process you may like to answer the short version of the questionnaire on our contact page.


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